Meeting with Directorate of Values Internalization and Cultural Diplomacy Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture

Situation of the meeting organized by the INDB Directorate INDB – Ministry of Education and Culture. from left  to right : Yunus Arbi (Head of Section Material Heritage INDB),  Kusuma Bambang (Bukapeta), Danu P (Bukapeta)  and Andri Purnomo (Prehsea)
March 28, 2014
Ministry of Education and Culture,Jakarta,Indonesia 

In the frame of collaboration with the stakeholders having interest in developing Indonesia's Cultural World Heritage Sites, PREHsea has participated and delivered a presentation during the meeting with the Directorate of Internalization of Values and Cultural Diplomacy – Ministry of Education and Culture in Jakarta, on March 28, 2014.

The presentation focused on significant aspects of the Sangiran Early Man site which could be considered as important contents to be distributed through the websites about Indonesian World cultural heritage which will be implemented this year. Some recent results (less than 20 years) of scientific research about Sangiran were communicated to the meeting participants, especially regarding geological and geomorphological characteristics that are mandatory to be taken into account in a development perspective.

The contents of the PREHsea presentation at the meeting emphasized aspects of the project that are in line with the "5 Cs" rule (Credibility, Capacity Building, Communication, Community and Conservation) introduced by UNESCO in World Heritage Management issues.