Anton Ferdianto


I am currently a junior researcher in the Archaeological Centre of Bandung. The PREHsea project and the collaboration between the National Centre for Archaeology in Indonesia and the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle gave me the opportunity to follow training in France, thanks to a grant from the French Embassy in Jakarta.


During the six weeks, I took short courses in Quaternary and Prehistory at the department of prehistory in MNHN (Paris France), and acquired a new experience in the management and study of prehistoric lithic implements collections. This proved to be very useful as my specialization is intended to develop towards lithic technology: a speciality that I began to achieve during my studies in Indonesia, working on the obsidian artefacts from the Bandung basin.

I also visited several prehistoric sites in France such as Abri Pataud, Quinson and Tautavel that broadened my knowledge in European prehistory and about heritage management.

When I came back to Indonesia, I applied for a grant from Région Ile-de-France and successfully got the full scholarship to pursue the full Master program in Quaternary Prehistory at MNHN prehistory department based in Paris. I started my Master program beginning September 2013. I hope this program will enhance my competence in lithic technology and use-wear and foster the collaboration of young scholars in Southeast Asia towards advancing the heritage management related to human evolution sites, anchored in PREHsea objectives