Andrea Dominique Cosalan

trainingDeyaInvolved in several PREHsea activities, I had the opportunity to take part in the Field School organized in Quezon (Palawan) and worked on the Tabon cave human remains. I took training in France through a funding provided by the French Embassy. Upon arrival, I was immersed in a comprehensive introduction to the diverse fields constituting Quaternary and Prehistory, attending lectures and conferences. A nine days excursion helped me to recognize and appreciate geological and prehistoric concepts and sites first-hand; and learned the practical exercises in artefact analysis.

As I am interested in paleoanthropology, bioarchaeology, and osteoarchaeology, I was able to gain access to the human osteological collection of the Musée de l’Homme. Through the consultations with  faculty (under the supervision of Florent Détroit and Véronique Laborde); I worked on the cranial collections that were retrieved by the French scholars Alfred Marche and Joseph Montano during their pre-20th century expeditions in the Philippines. The structure of these sessions primarily enabled me to improve my basic osteological skills and techniques of analysis especially in examination of dental and cranial pathologies, deformations, identification of population-specific traits, morphology, and taphonomy. I am currently interested in investigating Negrito populations within the Philippine landscape in terms of characterizing their health, morphology, and biocultural behaviors and differentiating them from concurrent ancient populations.