Students trainings

Dawn Satumbaga


I started my training when I was invited to join the PREHsea project in Palawan, Philippines on July 2013 and take part in the field school / case study. In 2014, with funding from the French Embassy, I was offered a mobility to attend lectures and seminars and undergo training at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle in Paris, France.

 Here, I acquired a comprehensive and global background on various aspects of Quaternary and Prehistory, including hands-on exercises in handling and diagnosing archaeological artifacts from the Museum's collections. There were also exercises on data treatment, presentation, and interpretation. The excursion to the South of France exposed me to sites, landscapes, and traces of geological processes which aren't found in the Philippines, particularly glacial formations and rock art. This was very helpful, especially for my prospective career as a geoarchaeologist.

While at MNHN, I also took the opportunity to use the laboratory equipment for my thesis (Laser Particle Analyzer for Granulometry, FTIR, binoculars, and microscopes), undergo sedimentology training and also have privileged to have discussions regarding bone taphonomy in cave sites.

I am currently working on my Masterthesis regarding the study of sediments for taphonomy and site formation processes in Callao Cave, Philippines, with most of my data coming from analyses done at MNHN.